Mette at home, nearby the lake Mjøsa, Norway.

Engagements -

Mette Brantzeg, the author of - TABU and SUPERSISTER. 

Mette Brantzeg has been a director and playwright in Sampo Theater in Norway - in collaboratin with the actress Anitta Suikkari.  Mette has held regional assignments at several national and regional theaters in Norway, been a member of the Norwegian Arts Council's Performing Arts Committee and Performing Arts Committee. 

As freelance, Mette has directed plays at Hålogaland teater in Tromsø, Det Norske Teatret and Nationaltheatret in Oslo, Den Nationale scene i Bergen, and Stiftelsen Arkivet in Kristiansand. 

Mette has been artistic director at Sogn og Fjordane Theater and director of the Norwegian Dramatic Festival.  

She has taught acting at the Oslo Academy of the Arts, led the play wright development course for multilingual students in the Northern Artic region and served as a supervisor for multicultural Textlab at the Norwegian Actors' Center in Oslo. 

She has been a member of the jury for the Hedda Award, and chaired the Performing Arts Panel set up by the Ministry of Culture. The panel published the report "New development in the Theater - what is needed?" in 2014. In 2016 - " Values ​​at stake - artistic space in the theater" was published 

From time to time, Mette makes choreographies.

Since 1988, Mette has collaborated with Sámi actors, singers and composers at the Sámi National Theatre and elsewhere.

2008-10 Mette was in charge of  the Playwright course ARIN at Nordkallotten, produced by STS and in collaboration with Beaivvas, Tornedalsteatern, Giron Sámi Teahter and Åarjelhsaemien Theater. 2013 The symposium LUOHTELIHKADUS / YOIKMOVEMENT, produced by STS and SDR, in collaboration with Beaivvas. 2018 POP UP SAPMI, Stamsund International Theater Festival. Produced by Sámi Lávdi. 

Mette was member of the SAMETINGET'S FUNDING COMMITTEE from 2014-2019. 

2022 - 2024 Mette is now engaged in "Sápmi muitala", a writing course, produced by Dramatikkens hus in Oslo and Sámi National Theatre in Kautokeino.

 Recordings of some of the performances can be viewed at -  by searching the archive for names and titles. On this page -  click SCENE METTE PRODUKSJON - to read more about the performances and activities.


Min arbeidsplass i flere produksjoner fra  1988-2024

denne siden er under oppbygning :-)

Anitta Suikkari, skuespillerkollega i gruppa Sampo Teater og i mange andre produksjoner. Her i Jo Blank av Ellisiv Lindkvist, 2022. Foto Aslak Mikal Mienna.


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